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Amazon Web Services Course Overview

Our AWS solution architect Training enables you to build basic to advanced AWS solution architect knowledge. By taking this course, you will become proficient in AWS solution architect. You will also be working with the latest Cloud technologies and tools that help you become an expert in Cloud job, IONX Provide Online and Offline Amazon Certified Solutions Architect AWS Training Course in Ahmedabad by Realtime Trainings. The AWS Architecture course is designed to take complex topics in a simple and fun way By IONX.

Amazon Web Services in Ahmedabad Gujarat

"The AWS Solutions Architect Certification training will enable you to design, plan and scale AWS implementations utilizing over 70 cloud computing services. The course is aligned with the latest AWS exam featuring Amazon designated best practices. "

IONX provide all new AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate course in Ahmedabad. This course prepares you to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C01) exam. This course has been developed to provide you with the requisite knowledge to not only pass the AWS CSA certification exam but also gain the hands-on experience required to become a qualified AWS Solutions Architect working in a real-world environment.

Any professional interested in hosting highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications on the AWS platform should take this course.However, the online AWS Solutions Architect certification course is ideal for: Solutions architects,Programmers, Cloud developers, Cloud software engineers, DevOps professionals.

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Detailed Syllabus of Amazon Web Services - AWS Architect Course:

  • Description Of AWS
  • History and Evolution of AWS
  • Overview Of AWS Product and Service
  • How to Design Cloud Services
  • Planning and Designing
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Hybrid IT Architectures
  • Practice Assignment : Designing Hybrid Storage
  • IAM Overview
  • IAM Policies
  • IAM Users
  • IAM Groups
  • IAM Roles
  • IAM Best Practices
  • Practice Assignment : Configuring IAM Access
  • Demos Included
  • Amazon VPC Overview
  • Amazon VPC
  • IP Addresses
  • Subnets
  • Internet Gateway
  • Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Amazon EC2 Overview
  • Amazon Machine Images(AMI)
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store(EBS)
  • EC2 Pricing
  • Elastic Load Balancing(ELB)
  • Auto Scaling
  • AWS Service
  • Amazon Elastic Container Services
  • EC2 Best Practices and Costs
  • Practices Assignment : configure ELB not Started
  • Demos Included:
    1. launch nad connect to an EC2 Linux Instance
    2. launch nad connect to an EC2 Window Instance
    3. Create an AMI
    4. EC2 instance Types
    5. Attaching EBS Volumes
    6. EBS and Raid 0
    7. EC2 spot Pricing
    8. Elastic load Balancing
    9. Auto Scaling
    10. AWS CLI
  • Amazon S3 Overview
  • S3 Buckets
  • Version control
  • Amazon S3 lifecycle Management
  • CloudFront and CDNs
  • Security and Encryption
  • Import/Export & Snowball
  • Amazon S3 Best Practices
  • Amazon S3 Costs
  • Practices Assignment : Create An Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Demons Included :
    1. create and access an Amazon S3 Bucket
    2. Amazon S3 Version Control
    3. Amazon S3 lifecycle Management
    4. Amazon CloudFront
    5. Security and Encryption
  • Amazon Route 53 Overview
  • Amazon Route 53 and DNS
  • Route 53 Routing Policies
  • Route 53 costs and Price
  • Practices Assignment : Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone
  • Demos Included:
    1. Route 53 Hosted Zones Demo
  • Databases Overview
  • Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)
  • AMI Database
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon Aurora
  • AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)
  • Databases best Practices
  • Databases Costs
  • Practice Assignment : Amazon RDS
  • Demos Included:
    1. Amazon RDS
    2. Launching Database From an AMI
    3. Amazon DynamoDB
  • Simle Queue Services -SQS
  • Simple Workflow services -SWF
  • Simple Notification Services -SNS
  • Elastic Transcoder
  • Application Services best practices
  • Application Services Costs
  • Practices Assignment : Amazon SNS
  • Demos Included :
    1. Amazon SNS
  • AWS shared responsibility model
  • AWS platform compliance
  • AWS security attributes
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Incorporating common Conventional security products
  • AWS CloudFormation and Design patterns
  • Practices Assignment : AWS cloudWatch
  • Demos included:
    1. Amazon CloudWatch
    2. Trusted Advisor
    3. AWS CloudFormation
  • Overview of Disaster Recovery
  • Using AWS Products for Disaster Recovery
  • Practices Assignment : Disaster Recovery
  • AWS Support
  • Typical AWS Problems
  • Overview of AWS Solution Architect Exam
  • Study tips
  • Review Topics

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  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers
  • It typically takes less than 10 minutes from the issue of the RunInstances call to the point where all requested instances begin their boot sequences. This time depends on a number of factors including: the size of your AMI, the number of instances you are launching, and how recently you have launched that AMI. Images launched for the first time may take slightly longer to boot.
  • You can find the vCPU mapping for each of the Amazon EC2 Instance Types or use the simplified vCPU Calculator to compute the total vCPU limit requirements for your AWS account.
  • With the vCPU limits, we no longer have total instance limits governing the usage. Hence the DescribeAccountAttributes API will no longer return the max-instances value. Instead you can now use the Service Quotas APIs to retrieve information about EC2 limits. You can find more information about the Service Quotas APIs in the AWS documentation.