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CCIE Security Course Overview

Software, networking, and infrastructure grow more and more interconnected every day. Applications deliver exciting new experiences, and with intent-based networking, organizations can take advantage of automation to scale and secure their networking infrastructure. With CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training your opportunities to help maximize that potential are boundless. Just ask hiring managers: 71% of them say that training increase their confidence in an applicant’s abilities. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training to help you position yourself as a technical leader in the ever-changing landscape of networking technologies. The Training covers core technology areas and validates your end-to-end lifecycle skills in complex enterprise networks from planning and design to operating and optimizing. Among the industry’s most widely recognized and respected Training CCIE tells the world in no uncertain terms that you know what you’re talking about. In addition, completing a CCIE qualifying exam earns you a Cisco Specialist certification, so you get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

CCIE Security in Ahmedabad Gujarat

"Working as a networking and IT security professional is a good way of giving new wings to your career and to take it to new heights of success. For those who are already working in the same domain and for those who want to become a successful professional, CCIE security certification in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is the right course to add extra spark in their career."

We at IONX fulfill your desire to become a professional by pursuing such courses. We guide you to get involved in the best CCIE security training in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We guide you with all important parts of this course that will be helpful for you to double your salary and provide your career a niche.

This bootcamp is the next step to fully understanding complex CCIE level technologies. Every possible technology you need to know for the CCIE Security lab. This approach combines an overview with instructor-led class walk through the every interface found in the CCIE Lab Exam. In the walk-through, the instructor will discuss with the students all possible aspects of configuration, then demonstrate those technologies, and go into expert level troubleshooting. This will all be done live, while fielding questions from students throughout the demonstration. This live question-taking will facilitate diving even deeper into subjects than if an instructor simply recorded demonstrations, as different students will inevitably pose questions and scenarios in different ways.

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Syllabus of CCIE Security Course in Ahmedabad

  • IPSec LAN - To - LAN VPN using Crypto Maps
  • GRE Based VPN
  • GRE Over IPSec - Tunnel Mode & Transport Mode
  • S-VTI - Tunnel-Interface Based IPSec
  • M-GRE
  • VRF Aware VPNs
  • IKEv2
  • Flex VPN - Site - To - Site using D-VTI & S-VTI
  • Flex VPN - Spoke - To - Spoke using NHRP
  • LAN - To -LAN VPN using Router as a CA Server
  • Basic Initialization
  • ASA Traffic Flow - To vs Thru Traffic
  • ASA Management Access
  • ASA Routing
  • ASA NAT - Dynamic NAT, Static NAT & Destination NAT
  • ASA NAT - Dynamic & Static PAT & Policy NAT
  • ASA Transparent Firewalls
  • ASA Interface Redundancy
  • ASA Security Contexts
  • ASA Failover Active/Standby - Stateless
  • ASA Failover Active/Standby - Statefull
  • ASA Failover Active/Active
  • ASA Clustering
  • ASA VPN - ASA - To - Router LAN - To - LAN
  • ASA VPN - LAN - To - LAN with NAT - T
  • ASDM
  • ASA VPN - Remote Access - Web VPN
  • ASA VPN - Remote Access - AnyConnect Client
  • Configuring Zone-Based Firewall
  • FTD Initial Configuration - Interface Configuration - Routing Configuration
  • FTD - NAT & ACP
  • FTD - Intrusion Prevention
  • E-mail & ESA Overview
  • Basic E-Mail Setup
  • Initializing the ESA - CLI
  • Initializing & Implementing the ESA - GUI
  • Custom Filter Rules on the ESA
  • WSA Overview
  • Initializing the WSA - CLI
  • Configuring WCCP
  • WSA Filtering using Standard Categories
  • WSA Filtering using Custom Categories
  • Wireless Networking Overview
  • Initializing the WLC from the CLI
  • Configuring a Controller-based WLAN
  • Configuring the relationship between ISE & WLC
  • Configuring 802.1x based Wireless Authentication using ISE
  • Wired ISE Overview
  • Configuring the relationship between ISE & Switch
  • Configuring Wired ISE using Dot1x Authentication with VLAN Assignment
  • Configuring Wired ISE with DACL
  • Configuring MAB
  • ISE Device Administration Overview
  • Configuring Device Administration - Router
  • Configuring Device Administration - ISE
  • Configuring NTP
  • Configuring an Anti-Spoofing ACL & uRPF
  • Configuring a DHCP Server and a DHCP Relay Agent
  • Configuring a Router to send logs to a Syslog Server
  • Configuring Port-Security on a Switch
  • Configuring DHCP Snooping
  • Configuring ARP Inspection
  • Source Guard
  • Configuring VLAN ACLs

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  • From these numbers, we can roughly assume Cisco issues about four CCIEs per day. So, as of January 14, 2019, there are 59,737 CCIEs in the world.
  • The Payscale Business (Compensation Research & Survey) had stated that the salary reimbursement of CCIE Security is greater when compared with this R&S individual. But, both of these can have an opportunity to double their yearly earnings over the next 3 decades of their conclusion of the CCIE exam.
  • CCIE enterprise infrastructure is considered the most demanded track among the entire CCIE certifications. This is because it covers the entire enterprise system from designing, optimizing, and deploying. It is vastly used in actual practical networking situations.
  • The cost of the C-C-I-E written examination is 450 US dollars at every attempt. The C-C-I-E lab examination price is around $1,600 each attempt. Every certificate of C-C-I-E costs is around $2,050.