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CCNA DevNet Course Overview

A first-of-its-kind at Cisco, the DevNet certification program validates the skills of software developers, DevOps engineers, automation specialists, and other software professionals. The program validates key emerging technical skills for a new kind of IT professional, empowering organizations to embrace the potential of applications, automation, and infrastructure for the network, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, and Webex.


"The Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS) v1.0 course teaches you security concepts, common network and application operations and attacks, and the types of data needed to investigate security incidents."

The course gives you hands-on experience solving real world problems using Cisco Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and modern development tools.

This course helps you prepare to take the 200-901 DevNet Associate (DEVASC) exam. By passing this exam, you earn Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification. This course also earns you 48 Continuing Education (CE) credits towards recertification.

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Detailed Syllabus of CCNA DevNet:

  • Describe the importance of APIs and use of version control tools in modern software development
  • Describe common processes and practices used in software development
  • Describe options for organizing and constructing modular software
  • Describe HTTP concepts and how they apply to network-based APIs
  • Apply Representational State Transfer (REST) concepts to integration with HTTP-based APIs
  • Describe Cisco platforms and their capabilities
  • Describe programmability features of different Cisco platforms
  • Describe basic networking concepts and interpret simple network topology
  • Describe interaction of applications with the network and tools used for troubleshooting issues
  • Apply concepts of model-driven programmability to automate common tasks with Python scripts
  • Identify common application deployment models and components in the development pipeline
  • Describe common security concerns and types of tests, and utilize containerization for local development
  • Utilize tools to automate infrastructure through scripting and model-driven programmability
  • There are no formal prerequisites for Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification, but you should make sure to have a good understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.
  • And before taking this course, you should have:
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills
  • Basic Internet usage skills
  • Hands-on experience with a programming language (specifically Python)
  • Here are Cisco learning resources that can help you prepare:

  • This class includes lecture sections and self-study sections. In instructor-led classes, lectures are delivered in real-time, either in person or via video conferencing. In e-learning courses, the lectures are on recorded videos. In both versions, you will need to review self-study sections on your own before taking the certification exam.
  • Parse API Data Formats with Python
  • Use Git for Version Control
  • Identify Software Architecture and Design Patterns on a Diagram
  • Implement Singleton Pattern and Abstraction-Based Method
  • Inspect HTTP Protocol Messages
  • Use Postman
  • Troubleshoot an HTTP Error Response
  • Utilize APIs with Python
  • Use the Cisco Controller APIs
  • Use the Cisco Webex Teams™ Collaboration API
  • Interpret a Basic Network Topology Diagram
  • Identify the Cause of Application Connectivity Issues
  • Perform Basic Network Configuration (NETCONF) Operations
  • Use Cisco Software Development Kit (SDK) and Python for Automation Scripting
  • Utilize Bash Commands for Local Development
  • Construct Infrastructure Automation Workflow
  • Construct a Python Unit Test
  • Interpret a Dockerfile
  • Utilize Docker Commands to Manage Local Developer Environment
  • Exploit Insufficient Parameter Sanitization

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    Frequently Asked Questions


  • Cisco DevNet is Cisco’s developer program. This program helps those developers and IT professionals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs.
  • Cisco DevNet includes various Cisco’s products, such as software-defined networking, security, cloud, data center, mobility, internet of things, etc.
  • Cisco traditional certifications, like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, are the worldwide popular network engineer certifications and Cisco DevNet is the subset of Cisco certifications. It is designed for validate software skills, such as programming, application development, DevOps and automation.
  • Technology continues to change rapidly, and IT professionals are working to keep up. Sixty-four percent of IT professionals worldwide are either currently training for a certification this year or plan to; those who are currently certified are almost twice as likely to be actively pursuing new certifications.4 In addition to encompassing major network architecture shifts such as Cisco DNA, Cisco continually surveys the changing IT landscape for technological developments that have an impact on our certifications and your job role as a networking professional.
  • The JNCIA-DevOps is similar to the DevNet cert when it comes to topics and target audience. As a result, IT pros interested in the intersection of networking and programming as it relates to Juniper products may be interested.