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HTML Course Overview

The IONX is Globally Recognised as the Market Leader in providing HTML Training to professionals and individuals worldwide. Our 'Programming Expert Team' comprises over 34 leading professionals with 15 years of industry-recognised experience in creating interactive web pages. Our specialised instructors have developed unique teaching styles to help aspiring candidates gain the ability to program interactive websites with HTML.

HTML Training Course in Ahmedabad Gujarat

"HTML is a hypertext markup language which is used to develop web pages. Our Web browsers receive HTML documents from web server or from our local storage and render the documents into multimedia web pages. Here we can also embed scripting languages like Javascript & CSS in to HTML Pages."

Benefits Of HTML

Globally Accepted Programming Language
Easy to use and understand
HTML is widely supported in all browsers
It is most SEO friendly

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HTML Brochure

  • History of HTML
  • What is Tag?
  • What is Element?
  • HTML Tag vs. Element
  • What is Attribute?
  • What’s Different in HTML5?
    HTML Editors

    Basic document structure
  • HTML Tag
  • HEAD Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Body Tag
    HTML Heading
    HTML Paragraph
    Adding text in newline(BR Tag)
    Creating a horizontal ruler (HR Tag)
    Changing a Page’s Background Color

    Formatting of text
  • B Tag
  • U Tag
  • I Tag
  • SMALL Tag
  • MARK Tag
  • DEL Tag
  • SUP Tag
  • SUB Tag

    Font Tag & its Attributes

    HTML Comments

    HTML Image
  • Tag
  • Alternative (ALT) Text
  • Resizing an Image

    HTML Link
  • What is Link?
  • Anchor tag
  • Text Link
  • Image Link
  • Opening a Page in a New Tab

  • Order list
  • Unordered list
  • Type Attribute
  • Nested List

    HTML Audio

    HTML Video

    Scrolling Text
  • Marquee ---Marquee Tag &its Attributes

    Grouping of text (Div---Div tag, Span---Span tag)

    HTML Frameset

    HTML Iframe

    Grouping of text (Div---Div tag, Span---Span tag)

    HTML Form

    Form--Form Tag & its Attribute
    Input Tag
    HTML Input Types
  • Type="text"
  • Type="email
  • Type="password"
  • Type="radio"
  • Type="checkbox"
  • Type="file"
  • Type="number"
  • Type="range"
  • Type="date"
  • Type="color"
  • Type="time"
  • The Submit Button
    The Reset Button
    Text area---Text area>Tag
    Select---Select Tag
    Option---Option Tag

    Grouping the control of HTML forms
  • Fieldset---Fieldset Tag
  • Legend---Legend Tag


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