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SQL Course Overview

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most commonly used language to communicate with databases and extract data for application development, reporting, and analytics. It is ubiquitous for industries across the world and a vital skill for aspiring data professionals to have.

SQL Training Course in Ahmedabad Gujarat

"SQL stands for Structured Query Language It is used to storing, manipulating and retrieving data in database. SQL statements are used to perform tasks on database such as insertion, deletion, update, create and drop. In the data driven world everyone need insights to form strategy, marketing and other operations. SQL is a basic skills that everyone should know."

Features Of SQL

Flexible & Scalable
Provides robust transactional support
Delivers high security and easy management
Highly compatible with databases like MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, SAP HANA, SAP Adaptive Server, etc
Open source programming Language

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Detailed Syllabus of SQL Training Course:

  • What is SQL?
  • What is RDBMS
  • SQL Create Database Statement
  • SQL Drop Database Statement
  • SQL Create Table Statement
  • SQLDescStatement
  • SQL Drop Table Statement
  • SQL s Table Statement
  • SQL Constraints
  • PRIMARY KEY Constraint
  • FOREIGN KEY Constraint
  • NOT NULL Constraint
  • UNIQUE Constraint
  • CHECK Constraint
  • DEFAULT Constraint
  • Advanced Data Defination Commands(SQL Alter Statement)

  • Adding a column
  • Dropping a column
  • Modifying acolumn
  • Add Constraints Using ALTER Statement
  • Drop Constraints Using ALTER Statement
  • What is Operator?
  • Adding Table Rows
  • Listing Table Rows
  • Updating Table Rows
  • Deleting Table Row
  • SQL WHERE Clause
  • SQL IN Operator
  • SQLBETWEEN Operator
  • SQL LIKE Operator
  • SQL WILDCARD Operators
  • SQL Aliases

  • SQL Logical Operators
  • SQL AND Operator
  • SQL OR Operator
  • SQL NOT Operator

  • SQL Distinct
    SQL Order By Clause
    SQL Aggregate Functions
    SQL Group By Statement
    SQL Having Clause
    SQL Top/Limit& Null Values
    SQL Joins
  • SQL Inner Join
  • SQL Left Join
  • SQL Right Join
  • SQL Full Join
  • SQL Cross Join
  • SQL Natural Join
  • SQL Join by USING Clause
  • SQL Group By with Join
  • SQL Set Operator

  • SQL Create View
    SQL Drop View
    SQL Create Sequences
    SQL Drop Sequences
    SQL Cloning Tables
    SQL Subqueries
  • Subquery with SELECT Statement
  • Subquery with INSERT Statement
  • Subquery with UPDATE Statement
  • Subquery with DELETE Statement

  • SQL EXISTS Operator
    SQL Functions
  • SQL String Functions
  • SQL Date & Time Functions
  • SQL Math Functions

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